Iron Kingoms 3.5

It All Started With a Naked Goblin and a Little Boy

And So It Begins

Through means not yet revealed, four very unique individuals ended up joining forces to further their own goals. None of these goals involved any good.


Timus Monay, a gobber with a penchant for bodging and a skill at haggling his employers that baffles everyone around him, including the Great Overseer that seems to keep all of the world running. Money is the only thing on his mind.

Iradin, the necromancer who would rather kill first and ask the risen dead later. Necromancy takes its toll on his body, though, so he is constantly in search of ways to rid himself of the limitations of the flesh and turn into a creature of the dead.

Flick, the Iosian elf who was outcast from his people after he chose to use human magic and mechanika, especially human firearms. His reasons for joining the group are still unknown; so far his only goal has been to acquire more firearms to practice his deadly art with.

The cleric of Menoth, who has yet to even reveal his name, will stop at nothing to gain more power and glory. His policy is to kill anyone who might stand in his way, and would even deal with the dreaded infernals if it meant gaining more power.

Rescue the Prince

In the Llaelese capital of Merywyn, William Rhumstread hired the group to track down those who had kidnapped his son, who just happened to be sixth in the for the throne of LLael. William suspected that a rival noble family orchestrated the kidnapping in order to further their standing in the line for the throne. The plan was to hide near the place where the ransom would be given and then follow the kidnappers back to their hideout. This is not how it actually went down.

You Go Left, We’ll Go Right

Other than Timus, none of the adventurers were any good at blending into the crowd or hiding in the shadows. The kidnappers immediately spotted most of them and decided to split up. Iradin chose to go after the single kidnapper who went north while the rest of the group followed the other two kidnappers to a local tavern called The Comical Brews.

Iradin managed to catch up to his target and proceeded to use his necromantic touch to kill him in front of a large crowd of people. This display of evil power would surely attract the local city guard, so he quickly searched the body, found a scrap of paper with information on a ship that was docked in the port, and left to find the rest of the group.

When the others entered the Comical Brews tavern, they spotted the kidnappers near the bar and so they decided a diplomatic approach would be best. As they approached the kidnappers it became obvious from their scars, piercings, and tattoos that they were Scharde from the Cryxian Islands. People from that land are not known for their diplomacy, and a fight ensued, and another patron of the tavern revealed himself as a member of the kidnappers. One kidnapper died, but one managed to escape though a door to a back alley. The third kidnapper was critically injured but after some slight torture he managed to tell the group that they were simply hired to kidnap the boy and had no idea why their employer wanted him. Having outlived his usefulness, the cleric proceeded to kill the surviving kidnapper.

You Know, There Was Probably A Body In That Bag

Based on the ledger found by Iradin and the information gathered by the (now dead) kidnapper, the group decided to stake out the ship. For some strange reason, Flick was chosen over Timus to be the lookout. When he arrived he saw two trollkin loading crates onto the ship as well as an ogrun dumping a rather human-sized bag into the water. He also noticed a pair of glowing eyes staring directly at him from the ship. Those undead eyes made it obvious that the nation of Cryx was somehow involved.

Realizing that stealth was no longer an option, the group decided to simply walk right up to the ship and see what happened. The ogrun and the two trollkin were waiting on the docks by the ship to greet them. Timus attempted to convince the ogrun that perhaps working for him might be a better option that his current employers. Unfortunately the ogrun was happy with his current employment and proceeded to attack Timus. In seems, however, that the might power of an ogrun warrior is nothing compared to the lucky strikes of Iradin’s summoned skeleton. The trollkin did not even put up a fight worth mentioning.

Come With Me If You Want To Live

Soon after the ogrun and trollkin were defeated, the boat started to leave shore. The group had to run up the planks to get on board before it got too far. It came as no surprise to anyone when they were then greeted by a large group of undead thralls. What did surprise them, however, was the spellcasting thrall residing below decks.

While everyone else was either killing thralls or trying to control them, Timus came up with a plan. He ripped off his loin cloth (the only other item of clothing he was wearing besides his great coat), jammed it into a bottle of high-proof liquor stolen from the tavern earlier, lit the top, and dropped the entire thing on the spellcasting thrall. This, combined with the thrall’s own fire-based spells, caused the whole ship to catch fire and steer towards the docks. Also, by now all of the lesser thralls had been taken over by either Iradin or the cleric.

Having no weapon to combat the remaining thralls with, Timus dashed to the captain’s quarters and found William’s son. He quickly untied his bonds and then dove off the ship with the prince. The remaining party members continued to fight the spellcasting thrall right up to the point when the ship crashed into the docks. He was finally dispatched by a bullet from Flick who, along with Iradin and the cleric, quickly left burning ship and came upon a large crowd that had gathered to see the fiery crash. Timus was nowhere to be seen, for he and the boy were farther upstream sipping on another bottle of liquor he had stolen from the tavern. Timus was still only wearing his great coat.

Where’s My Money, Man?

Having rescued William’s son, the group returned him to collect their reward. As the cleric menacingly held a mace over the boy’s head, Timus was able to increase their reward substantially. Despite the threats and increased fee, William was still very happy to see his son.


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