Derrick's Elven Gun Mage


Flick’s true elven name is Kerali Arkeneaneldth, but he never truly accepted the ways of his people. When the Iosen gods were destroyed by the magic of humans, unlike his elven brethren whose hatred for humans and their mechanica reached a boiling point, Flick was not deeply affected. He knew there were other sources of magic in the world, and he didn’t need any gods to do it. He didn’t share in the Iosen hatred of human mages, rather he wanted to learn from them.

His demeanor is rather relaxed and composed, and it serves him well to hide the fury lying below the surface. Few have seen the true strength of that fury, and they’ve not lived to tell the tale. He’s not above stealing and killing to get what he wants, but he derives no pleasure in the killing, only in the acquisition of more powerful weapons. His lust for weaponry is rather insatiable. The majority of his time as an adolescent was spent training in gunplay and acquiring weapons of higher and higher grade.


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